Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, kia orana, fakaalofa atu, talofa ni, ni sa bula, mālō e lelei, and warm Pasifika greetings.

It's time for the ANZEA Board elections!

We invite nominations for the next term (2022 -2025) from ANZEA’s diverse array of membership.  This post includes information on the Board, the process, nominations, and how to access more information.

About the ANZEA Board

The ANZEA Board is a group of up to 12 elected members, representing the diverse sectors of the ANZEA membership. Following 3-yearly elections by our members, the Board is responsible for undertaking the functions set out in the ANZEA Constitution.  The Board provides governance and high level management to the Association, including setting and implementing the Strategic Plan.

Important attributes of Board members are enthusiasm and a willingness to contribute your ideas and time to key ANZEA developments. Having a ready sense of humour is a distinct advantage!

This is an unpaid role, but offers a valuable opportunity to be part of evaluation governance in Aotearoa and internationally, and to help guide the development of the evaluation profession.

Eligibility for Nomination

The only formal criterion for eligibility to be elected to the Board is to be a current ANZEA member* 

It is an opportunity to form great connections, deepen your appreciation of evaluation, and work with passionate and committed evaluation practitioners to promote, advocate and advance high-quality services to the people of Aotearoa through quality evaluation.

*Nominees may join ANZEA between being nominated and the time their nomination is accepted.
Any member is welcome to self nominate!

Nomination Guidelines

  • ANZEA members are eligible to make nominations. Your membership must be current (paid)
  • All nominations must be seconded by a fellow ANZEA member
  • Nominees must be ANZEA members
  • Nominees may join ANZEA between being nominated and the time their nomination is accepted
  • Members are allowed to nominate themselves, as long as their nomination is seconded by a fellow ANZEA member.

We encourage nominations that will represent our members - both in terms of geographic distribution, and sectors - including Māori, Pacific peoples, migrant communities, private, public, and academic sector evaluation providers and educators, and community representatives.

How to make a nomination


You should submit your nomination by email to the Manager. Note: if you wish to nominate someone as a Co-Convenor, it is recommended that you also nominate them to the Board.


The process is:


  1. Get agreement from the person you want to nominate.

  2. Choose a different ANZEA member to second your nomination.

  3. Email your nomination to your seconder, using this wording:


“I [first nominor’s name] wish to nominate [nominee’s name] to the ANZEA Board and as ANZEA Co-Convenor [delete as appropriate] for the 2022 – 2025 term.”


  1. The seconder adds the wording below, and then emails the nomination to the nominee.


“I [2nd nominor’s name] support the nomination of [nominee’s name] to the ANZEA Board and as ANZEA Co-Convenors [delete as appropriate] for the 2022 -2025 term.”


  1. Finally, the nominee emails the completed nomination to the ANZEA Manager (info@anzea.org.nz), no later than 5pm, 16th May 2022, adding the following wording:


“I [nominee] accept nomination to the ANZEA Board and/or as ANZEA Co-Convenors [delete as appropriate] for the 2022 – 2025 term. I attach a short bio and an appropriate photo, for publication on the ANZEA website.”


The nominee must attach:

  • a bio of no more than 250 words

  • A clear profile picture in .jpg or .png format

  • a declaration confirming that they have read and agree to the ANZEA Board Code of Conduct


All nominations will be acknowledged by the ANZEA Manager.

Find out more

We hope you consider joining the Board – please feel welcome to contact any current or previous Board members for a chat.

You can find a list of our current Board members here:

If you cannot access current contact details for a Board member please send us an email and we will connect you.