Our History

Advocates for the establishment of a National Association identified the need for an organisation that would better serve and represent the unique needs, values, obligations and context of the Aotearoa New Zealand evaluation community.

ANZEA was established to represent the need for evaluation practitioners of all kinds, to support their professional development and to promote safe and high quality evaluation services to New Zealand communities.

We want to make the most of our bi-cultural contexts and multi-cultural society. We will promote the integration of theory and practice in evaluation, specific to the needs of Aotearoa and will stimulate debate and research on evaluation practice and its role here. We also seek to enhance evaluation capacity within local, Māori, Pacific and global evaluation communities.

Significant players in the association’s conception and development were Pam Oliver, Kate McKegg, Maggie Jakob-Hoff, Geoff Stone, Michele Lennan, Michael Blewden, Laurie Porima, Tania Wolfgramm and Jacqui Henry.

Our Purpose

Our tohu and whakatauki, both integral to the identity of ANZEA, reflect our purpose and core values.

We “look to the maunga”, we strive for excellence.

We recognise and value the cultures of all our peoples.

We honour their participation and we seek genuine partnerships.

Sharing exceptional skills and insightful knowledge, we seek to support their aims and aspirations for a healthy, prosperous and vibrant future.

He kura te tangata

Our whakatauki, “He kura te tangata” (People are precious) reflects the regard that we have for the intrinsic value of a human being and for the contribution of each person to the well-being of their whānau, families, their communities and their environment.

As an Association, we seek to promote, advocate and advance high quality services to the people of Aotearoa through quality evaluation to shape better futures in Aotearoa New Zealand. We see building evaluation capability and influence to further strengthen and share the insightful knowledge that exists within the people, whānau, families, communities and environment of Aotearoa as a critical way to inform and evaluate programmes, services, policy, strategies and other functions delivered or provided by public, private and non-government sectors.

ANZEA Strategic Direction 2021 - 2022

VISION: Promote, advocate and advance high quality evaluation to shape better futures in Aotearoa New Zealand


Flourishing ANZEA organisation

To be a strong, professional, viable, sustainable and connected association
  1. To be recognised and valued as a leader in evaluation.

  2. To continuously build our offerings for members and the evaluation community, nationally and regionally 

  3. To build sustainable revenue streams to ensure a viable organisation.

  4. To provide excellent service to our members through our officers, management and branches.

  5. To continuously strengthen our management and governance.

  6. To engage members in ANZEA kaupapa, vision and strategic direction. 

  7. To consolidate and grow ANZEA membership.

Building Evaluation Quality, Capability and Practice

To support the needs and aspirations of the evaluation community and improve evaluation thinking and practice.
  1. To support and strengthen a community of critical and evaluative thinkers.

  2. To set in place a systematised professional learning and development programme.

  3. To build greater diversity and wider cultural membership, and understanding of culturally responsive evaluation.

  4. To support the development of indigenous evaluation.

  5. To create a community of practice that supports people in practising, writing and publishing.

  6. To make a positive contribution to understanding how different worlds and worldviews co-exist.

Strengthened Relationships and Community

To grow understanding of evaluation, build the evaluation community and contribute to the creation of ethical, safe and competent evaluative and commissioning environments.
  1. To provide high-quality ANZEA communications to members, the evaluation community and other stakeholders.

  2. To strengthen ANZEA’s relationships with Mā Te Rae, and support their capacity in leading indigenous evaluation in Aotearoa.

  3. To strengthen ANZEA’s relationships with the Pasifika Fono, and support their capacity in leading Pacific evaluation.

  4. To constructively work with international evaluation partners and associations.

  5. To strengthen ANZEA’s relationships and partnerships with the public sector in Aotearoa.