Crafted by the talented designers at SixOneNine.

Narrative behind our design

Our design is inspired by the Pacific concept of the Talanoa (“talk” or “discussion”) ceremony, a uniquely Pacific Island forum for dialogue that gathers people together to share their views, to plan a journey ahead, air grievances, or to provide advice. It is the indigenous qualitative research method practiced throughout the Pacific. In many nations, the ceremony is traditionally held around a tanoa (bowl) and the sharing of kava, a drink made from the root of the Piper methysticum plant.

Our symbol is a circular collage of patterns inspired by traditional tanoa, arranged to reflect an atmosphere of radiating mana that knowledge creation, open and free dialogue, and unbiased sharing can bring. It will also act as tanoa for the conference/talanoa itself, as a visual call to gather.

The design is influenced by patterns from across the region, chosen and arranged to represent our diverse makeup and speak to concepts of protection, heritage and the natural world. The aesthetic also speaks to our current digital age, with a low-tech, pixelated, and data driven aesthetic applied across the look and feel.

Our colours, Sea Foam and Night Tide are inspired by the Moana, the ocean pathways between each of us, and the connecting fabric of all nations across oceania.