Thank you for visiting our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, intended to provide you with quick and comprehensive answers to common questions relating to our 2024 Conference. 

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Will the conference be available online?

Not at this stage.

While we understand the desire from some of our community for a hybrid event we are unable to provide it at this stage. The cost and effort involved to produce a quality offering has been taken into consideration. The committee has discussed this at great length. Balancing the many factors involved in providing a seamless, quality online product, while adhering to budget constraints poses a formidable challenge, making it impractical to deliver a hybrid event.

Additionally we believe there is a significant value to be gained from an in-person event. Attending in person offers unique benefits that contribute to a rich and immersive learning experience. Face-to-face interaction allows for spontaneous collaboration, dynamic discussions, and immediate feedback. The energy and enthusiasm generated in a shared physical space promotes engagement, a sense of community, greater networking, and a deeper understanding, enriching the overall experience.

Can I receive help to submit a proposal?


If you are new to presenting at conferences or emerging in the field of evaluation, we understand that the process can be daunting. We are here to provide assistance and/or guidance. We are keen to invite a wide range of proposals for consideration by the committee.

If you feel you need some help get in touch with us as

When will registrations open?

Early-bird tickets will go on sale in June.

Scholarships/sponsorship - what is the process and intention?

We have some stretch goals around offering scholarships to both local and international delegates, however we don’t yet have all the details worked out, so can’t give a firm idea of when we will open applications. It is likely to be in the middle of the year.

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If you’re interested in supporting a scholarship please get in touch! The scholarships will be an integral part of achieving our vision for this conference, so we need your support.

This is an area we are actively looking for people to assist the conference committee with. If you’re keen to support the scholarship programme please contact

Can we submit proposals on projects that have been conducted outside Oceania?

Yes absolutely. We are happy to include submissions relating to outside Oceania.

We chose to frame the conference around our region, as the high-quality work delivered by colleagues in our part of the world is often less visible to the global evaluation community. But the intention is to celebrate diversity - a space that appreciates the value of everyone's perspective. A geographic connection is not essential. We want to see how the presentations connect to aspects of the theme, and it is open to being interpreted in ways that are meaningful to you. The audience will want to know how the presenter connects to the theme, but beyond that please don’t feel constrained by the location.

What kind of presentations are you looking for?

We are welcoming all kinds of submissions of all types, and are keeping an open mind on how we programme the conference. If you’re not sure what type might be best then please just note this in your submission. We read and will consider all your notes. As we have done in previous years, the committee may consider a proposal but ask for it to be in a different format. For example we have previously converted a paper into a panel session, and have also supported papers that have been on similar topics to present in a session and then facilitate a shared discussion session.

We will be keeping an open mind about how exactly to shape the programme, and this will be guided in large part by the ideas you contribute.

Will there be a space to discuss Kaupapa Māori?

Yes absolutely.

As noted in the answers above, intention for this conference is to create a space for all voices, which would include Kaupapa Māori as one way of doing our work in ways that are appropriate for our people, places and profession.

We’ve indicated that we’ll maintaining an open mind about how the conference is programmed. This means there would be scope to create a session or forum as part of the conference to support discussions/talanoa regarding Kaupapa Māori evaluation specifically.

Is this conference focused on different Pasifika approaches indigenous to this region or more general approaches?

The conference theme embraces diversity, which means we do not intend for submission to focus only on this region and its approaches. We welcome presentations offering diverse perspectives. This may include the methods or disciplines, or contexts your work has been delivered in. For example, a presentation grounded in economics is as welcome as a presentation on indigenous knowledge.

We also welcome submissions from those working with other ethnic communities, both in New Zealand or elsewhere.