ANZEA CONFERENCE 2024 – Help support us!

We plan to deliver an event that fosters the concept of talanoa, as a way of sharing different knowledge sources, interests, and experiences, and reaching out and connecting with the diversity of people and practices involved in evaluation in our region in a holistic way.

Check out our amazing conference logo which expresses this intention beautifully. Through talanoa we hope to nurture innovation - in what we do and how we do it - so our work meets the needs of current and future communities.

We need your support to achieve the reach we’re aiming for!

For this conference to be successful and to create a dynamic space for sharing and honouring the range of evaluative practices being done, we need support from our wider community to help with the more substantial costs that come with delivering a conference.

This conference aims to create an event that catalyses the future of the evaluation profession in our part of the world. It is our hope that in 10 years from now, delegates will remember this conference as the event that exploded their professional network, forging important connections with colleagues scattered widely across our region.

As part of this ambition, we hope to secure a record number of scholarships, so our Pacific and Indigenous colleagues who often face barriers of cost and distance are able to come.

We know purse strings are tight

We appreciate that New Zealand’s current economic situation means purse strings are tight. We have carefully costed our conference, but we do still need your help to ensure we can deliver these important professional networking and development opportunities to you and our members.

We are offering a range of conference sponsorship options, so you can select the activities that align with your own values and budget.


Download our sponsorship brochure below.