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Monday 4th November 9am - 12pm


Karla Sanders - Involving Tamariki and Taiohi in Evaluation 

In this workshop Karla will discuss how to effectively involve Tamariki and Taiohi in evaluations. She will share examples of best practice when designing evaluation measures as well as undertaking evaluation WITH tamariki and taiohi. The value of this approach is grounded in a belief that young people are crucial partners in evaluation and including them in mana affirming ways should be celebrated and supported.

This workshop will be suitable to organisations and individuals exploring how evaluation could better affirm the mana of young people but it could also apply to those more familiar with evaluation but may not have had experience partnering with youth.

Karla Sanders, MNZM, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sticks 'n Stones, a bullying prevention charity based in New Zealand. She is dedicated to empowering youth and facilitating positive change through education and advocacy. Sanders has been recognized for her contributions to social welfare and education, earning the title of Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) for her services. Her work focuses on creating safe and inclusive environments for young people.

Christie Johnson - An African American Spyglass for Evaluation: The Role Playing Game

This workshop offers an immersive experience in evaluating through an African American aesthetic and Q methodology. Participants will engage in role-playing to develop an inclusive evaluation framework, addressing complex identity narratives like appropriation and tokenism. The session includes practical applications and insights from the "Spyglass" approach, inspired by Zora Neale Hurston, which examines social systems from marginalized perspectives. The workshop aims to rediscover African American Mana for post-colonial evaluation contexts, such as Aotearoa, and refine a collaborative storytelling game prototype for evaluation.

This workshop is for those who have expertise in evaluation methodology but are keen to explore an African American positionality; those who are grassroots practitioners such as oral historians and folklorists who are interested in exploring the intersection of emancipatory work with evaluation theory and praxis; those who are invested in continuing to build solidarity among African American and Aotearoa Diaspora - overlapping approaches to participation, diversity, and inclusion.  

Christie Johnson is the new Executive Director of the Wairarapa Women’s Centre. She is a writer, academic, and community activist with a Master of Public Health degree from Yale University, showcasing her dedication to enhancing community health outcomes. Currently pursuing her doctorate, Christie is focused on improving non-traditional stakeholder involvement in decision-making processes. 

Kasey Gordon - Visual Creativity and more: Nurturing the creative you and how to apply design principles in your Evaluation practice

This workshop is designed for beginners and intermediates in Information Design (Reports, Data Visualization, Short Documentaries, Impact Stories). It aims to improve participants' understanding of design principles from visual design theory and behavioral science, applicable to reports, dashboards, and visual communications. Emphasising humility and respect for data, the workshop has two main objectives:

  1. Enhance participants' competency in report design using basic MS Office tools, encouraging them to bring current projects for immediate application.
  2. Introduce Reporting Systems and the role of Data Visualization, covering components of good report design through design theory and behavioral science.

This workshop is designed for beginners and intermediate practitioners of Information Design and covers fundamental principles without delving deeply into advanced concepts. Participants will engage in interactive sessions and practical exercises, benefiting from real-world examples, especially from the Caribbean, to apply theoretical concepts in resource-limited settings, using familiar tools like MS Office.

Kasey Gordon is a dedicated expert in Information Design, specializing in transforming complex data into compelling visual narratives. With a strong foundation in visual design theory and behavioral science, Kasey excels in creating impactful reports, data visualizations, short documentaries, and impact stories. Known for her collaborative approach, she empowers others by sharing her extensive knowledge and practical skills, making sophisticated design accessible to all. Whether working with basic tools like MS Office or advanced platforms like Tableau and Adobe Suite, Kasey consistently delivers top-quality products that resonate with diverse audiences.

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