We are excited to confirm Dr Apisalome Movono and Professor Regina Scheyvens as our keynote speakers. Our conference theme was inspired by their book, 'Mana of the Pacific – Wisdom from Across Oceania.'


Dr Apisalome Movono is a conservationist, academic, activist, and oceans advocate from Buca in Fiji. He comes from a long line of navigators, fishermen, and warriors of the sea. Currently, he serves as a Research Fellow in Development Studies at Massey University. His work involves researching and promoting development that is fair, resilient, and sustainable for the people of the South Pacific and future generations. His research interests include ecological impacts, livelihoods, tourism development, and resilience in Pacific Island communities. Apisalome is also directly involved in tourism and conservation initiatives in Fiji, for example, he is the co-founder of the Laucala Beach Sustainability Society, which works to restore and protect the Laucala Beach Ring-Ditch Fortification site.

Professor Regina Scheyvens is Professor of Development Studies at Massey University in New Zealand, where she combines a passion for teaching about international development with research on tourism, community empowerment and sustainable development, especially focusing on the South Pacific. Along with books on ‘Tourism for Development: Empowering Communities’, ‘Tourism and Poverty’ and ‘Inclusive Tourism Development’, she has published a wide range of articles and blogs and is producing a youtube series on ‘Indigenous Voices on Tourism’. Her latest research with Dr Movono appears here (www.reimaginingsouthpacifictourism.com).