Conference Proposal Submission Form

Come share your knowledge at ANZEA’s 2024 conference!
We are very pleased to open the call for proposals to contribute to this exciting event.
We invite a range of proposals for consideration by the committee.

Key information

Calls open Monday 4th March 2024 and close Tuesday 30th April 2024.
Notifications will be made in late May.

Proposal formats will included:
  • 10 min ignite session
  • 20 min short presentation
  • 40 min long presentation
  • 60 min talanoa or interactive session
  • 90 min talanoa or interactive session


You can submit your proposal via the link above. We recommend you draft your responses to the questions in this form in your preferred word processing app first. You can download these using the link below. This will allow you to check the number of characters used and to do some formatting. The text can then be copied and pasted from your document directly into the form. 

If you have any issues with the submission form please contact us directly at

Important information to consider

Connecting your presentations to the theme - what to think about
Because of the diversity we see across our region, and to connect presentations to a talanoa process of sharing and connecting, we want to ensure our call is open and embracing of cultural or holistic concepts that might relate both to the presentation and the conference theme.

Our logo represents the tanoa – the traditional bowl and ceremony – within which the kava is mixed and shared, creating a space for free flowing discussion. This reflects three ideas and areas that are relevant to our work and profession:
  • The tanoa - the traditional roots of our work and how they are still used today in your work, in ways that are still mana enhancing. This might be traditional western or indigenous approach and tools that remain as relevant today as they did for our ancestors.
  • The kava – the mixing together of ideas, approaches old and new, creating new ‘recipes’ that meet the changing needs of our people, places, and profession.
  • The talanoa – the sharing and testing of ideas, creating networks, connections, and ripples that are being sent out and will guide our future ways of working.
The background pattern design  consider the patterns in terms of how they intersect at times and how they diverge at other points. The differing layers of straight and curved patterns speaks to the idea of diversity and the need to, at times, come together (e.g. Western and traditional models used together or merging together) and at other times where they need to stand alone (e.g. the need to use appropriate indigenous models, frameworks that work for the particular participants, communities, funders etc) to support evaluative work.

When preparing your proposal submission, we ask you to reflect on the theme in one or all of these ways and consider how it might connect to them.

You and your mana
To connect with our theme and ambition to show how traditional ways of knowing, being, and doing can be connected to contemporary approaches - we invite you to reflect on proverbs that are meaningful to you.

You may look for inspiration in the traditional knowledge captured in Api and Regina’s book as we did in developing our conference theme too. Please highlight how these guide you and your work and when drafting your presentation (as appropriate) and provide this either at the beginning or at the end of your proposal. Proverbs can either be in English or in the indigenous languages they are from.